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The ZeroDay Difference

ZeroDay Technology Solutions offers turnkey, customer-centric services focusing on complex AV integrations, consistent collaborative spaces, network engineering, mobility, designed IT framework, and a proactive approach to virtual IT services. By being ahead of the rapidly changing trends in the technology industry, ZeroDay is able to provide expertise and first-class solutions to customers all over the country.

"My mission for ZeroDay is delivering white-glove, turnkey IT solutions across the rapidly evolving technology industry. With a focus on network architecture efficiency, we ensure seamless connectivity between people and devices to enhance the end-user experience. We foster the right partnerships within the industry in order to deliver professional, first-class solutions."

-Mike Rupinski, President of ZeroDay

Our Mission:

We are a customer-centric partner providing innovative solutions. The safety, well-being, and career growth of our team members are the benchmarks of our success.

Our Core Values:




Return on Investment




Community Involvement


ZeroDay offers six distinct services to customers across the technology industry:


ZeroDay offers industry-leading audio-visual solutions. The ZeroDay team integrates advanced sound, audio, and visual services across multiple devices in order to provide comprehensive, professional business solutions to power the everyday needs of growing enterprises.


In today’s world, seamless communication is vital to the success of any company. ZeroDay delivers consistent collaborative solutions to meet the ever-evolving communication needs of our customers. Real-time enterprise communication services are integrated across networks to deliver comprehensive solutions. ZeroDay provides an eloquent and friendly end-user experience that ensures a streamlined interface, consistent across geography.

Check out our AV and Collaboration solutions in action below!


ZeroDay has the capacity to connect you with your multitude of technologies and information in a meaningful way. By enabling computers and corresponding devices to connect across company departments and networks, ZeroDay provides easier access to data in order to create a more seamless interaction across a company’s IT infrastructure. We are also equipped to connect people, technology, and devices across a variety of wireless networks to harness the power of cloud technology and increase connectivity between mobile devices and users.

MiCiV (Microsoft + Citrix + Virtualization)

ZeroDay can leverage the power of your connected technologies to enhance the end-user experience. We are experts in the solution implementation of Microsoft, Citrix, and Virtualization technologies. Our teams act as solution architects to deliver core services on behalf of our trusted technology partners.


Our infrastructure teams work hard to flawlessly design and execute your IT framework. The ZeroDay experts have the ability to architect and install the basic hardware transmission technologies and physical media (copper/fiber cables, data centers, etc.) needed to move data across networks.


From completely partnering as your Helpdesk to supporting your IT department, ZeroDay provides a proactive approach to virtual IT services. We enable businesses to offload IT operational burdens to maintain comprehensive coverage of IT systems within a business. Our IT experts offer an innovative, proactive approach to solve problems before they arise.

Are you curious and want to learn more about our services Check out these case studies from our projects and trusted partners here.

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