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Running Your Business from Home

Working from home is the dream, right? Having the opportunity to wake up ten minutes before the clock starts, make a coffee, pet the dogs, and then roam right to your chair to start the workday is pretty nice. Everything is great until you realize that you still have deadlines to hit, and you still have to be on top of it all while navigating this new at-home work environment. Being able to keep yourself and your peers in check is even harder when working remotely, so putting yourself in an environment to succeed is the best possible way to be productive. How do you do that? Here are three quick things that can help keep you and your team efficient and productive when working from home.

1. Make Your Office Space Yours

The best way to create adequate working conditions at home is to actually change the environment. Give yourself a space that can be your own. This should also be a place where you feel happy and comfortable to get your work done. Sometimes when we have the ability to work from home, we believe we can just work on the couch while watching TV or sit in bed while on an audio conference. Unfortunately, getting into habits like this will ultimately affect productivity at work. Decorate your space, make it a happy place for you to be while working, and get ready to be in the moment. Click here to read our AV Expert’s Guide to Working from Home on how to set up your office to set you up for success. 2. Time to Go to Work

Just because you are working from home, does not mean you should not treat it like any other workday. Waking up five minutes before a Video Conference and rolling over to the computer will ultimately lead to decreased productivity and bad habits. Treat every day likes it’s a normal day at the office. Give yourself ample time to get up, make some coffee, and change into clothes you would actually wear to work. Do everything you can to put yourself in the right mindset of “It’s time to work!” You can even go take a five-minute drive around your house every day to keep your mind sharp and focused. This will be beneficial in the long run while putting together a structured routine to rely on. 3. Give Yourself a Break

This is one of the hardest lessons to learn while working from home. It is impossible to not get distracted by things at home – from your partner distracting you with a conversation, kids attending school remotely in the other room, or the everyday household tasks that also need to be done. If you get distracted, give yourself a break! It happens to everyone, especially in this day and age. Give yourself the ability to fail forward, handle the thing distracting you, and bring yourself back to your work with a fresh mind. Everyone is adjusting to a new routine, so be understanding of what others are going through. Keep yourself accountable and you and your business will thrive.

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