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The ZeroDay Impact: Culture

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these challenging times. This pandemic has brought about opportunities and challenges that we never could have imagined. Back in March at the beginning of this pandemic, I was asked to create and run the Keeley Companies' COVID-19 Task Force to guide our Keeley'ns through this pandemic. These past few months have opened my eyes to the dedication, resilience, and most importantly, positivity of our Keeley'ns. Click here to read about the Positivity Challenge we launched during COVID-19. What I learned then is still true today. Although many scientific advances have been made in the area of therapeutic drugs and vaccines, there is still no magic bullet. Avoid large crowds, wear a face cover when around others, wash your hands, and stay at home if you are sick. I could not be prouder to be a part of our amazing Keeley Family. Click here to learn more about how Keeley Companies has pivoted during COVID-19.

KeeleyOne: Empowering Every Voice

On Thursday, August 13, during Rusty’s Semi-Annual CEO Address, we announced the launch of our sixth cultural pillar, KeeleyOne, which focuses on Diversity and Inclusion with the mission to empower every voice across the Keeley Companies and beyond. During Rusty's presentation, he invited four Keeley'ns to speak about their experiences and passion behind KeeleyOne and bringing true equity to Keeley Companies. With the help of KeeleyU, KeeleyOne will provide various educational opportunities for team members who want to gain understanding from various perspectives. This allows Keeley’ns to grow and have meaningful conversations with the people they love and care about which creates an environment where team members feel safe and heard. Click here to learn more about KeeleyOne.

#KeeleyCares: Extra Life

This year, our annual Extra Life event will take place virtually. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to have the fun-filled event that we have held in the past. However, that is not stopping us from taking advantage of various opportunities to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network. Through online raffles, virtual bingo, and more, our Keeley'ns and our partners will have plenty of chances to get involved. More information will be available soon, but you can click here to donate now!

KeeleyLife: Focus on Mental Health

KeeleyLife is dedicated to the well-being of our Keeley'ns. During our Mental Health Minutes series, April Lopinot speaks with professionals about various health and well-being related topics. April Lopinot welcomed Gina Birkemeier in this session of Mental Health Minutes. Gina is a licensed professional counselor in St. Louis, Missouri. She helps people heal and grow through a holistic approach. Recognizing the importance of treating the whole person, Gina’s background and education include fitness, nutrition, spirituality, and life coaching in addition to clinical, evidence-based therapies and nutritional interventions for mental health. Click here to explore our Mental Health Minutes.

The #ZeroDayWay

PEOPLE. That is the #1 priority at ZeroDay and we wouldn't be where we are today without them. We value our people and take time to reward them for their hard work. The WHATEVER IT TAKES philosophy is the #ZeroDayWay. Bill Orr met with Joann Ceballos (virtually) to speak about how she has been bringing customer delight to the work she is doing. Joann, thank you for everything you do for ZeroDay and for your customers! Click here to hear more about our amazing people and the #ZeroDayWay!

A Message From Scott Burkhart

I want to take a moment to thank Mike Rupinski for everything he has done over the past few months. He has spent countless hours researching, listening, and educating our Keeley'ns on the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic as it relates to them and their families across the country. His dedication and positivity have not gone unnoticed and our company wouldn't be in the position we are without his incredible leadership. He is the embodiment of E3 (Empowered to Exceed Expectations) and continues to empower and inspire our ZeroDay family every day.

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