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ZeroDay Technology Solutions FAQ

What is ZeroDay Technology Solutions and When Was it Founded?

ZeroDay provides complex, network-focused AV integration, consistent collaborative solutions, seamless connectivity throughout an IT infrastructure, enhanced end-user experience, designed IT framework, and a proactive approach to virtual IT services. By consistently staying up to date on the rapidly changing trends in the technology industry, ZeroDay is able to provide expertise and first-class solutions to customers across the country.

"My mission for ZeroDay is delivering white-glove, turnkey IT solutions across the rapidly evolving technology industry. With a focus on network architecture efficiency, we ensure seamless connectivity between people and devices to enhance the end-user experience. We foster the right partnerships within the industry in order to deliver professional, first-class solutions.”

- Mike Rupinski, President

ZeroDay provides a wide array of services including:


Where is ZeroDay Located?

ZeroDay is headquartered in St. Louis with an additional location in Ohio:

2675 Scott Avenue | Suite A

St. Louis, MO 63103

5155 Financial Way

Mason, OH 45040

Our teams are ready to take on any project and meet your technology needs!

What is AV & Collaboration?

The ZDTS Team are experts in industry-leading Audio Visual and Collaboration solutions. We understand the need to keep technology and Audio/Visual solutions cutting-edge as organizations grow. Our goal is always to deliver cross-functional collaboration in order to encourage businesses to work better together across various geographies and time zones with state-of-the-art technology – ultimately bringing their teams closer together.

Not only can we provide innovative solutions, but we can do so at scale. The ZDTS team delivers elegant, streamlined systems to ensure every end-user can have an immediate wireless connection, instantly plug into the AV capabilities, and have the same world-class, intuitive, and reliable collaboration experience anywhere in the world.

Learn more about our AV & Collaboration services and hear from our customers here.

What is Connectivity?

In today’s digital world it is more important than ever to stay connected wherever you are. We enable computers and corresponding devices to connect across company departments and networks. We provide easier access to data in order to create a more seamless interaction across a company’s IT infrastructure.

Learn more about our Connectivity services and hear from our customers here.

What is Infrastructure?

We design and execute your IT framework. We architect and install the basic hardware transmission technologies and physical media (copper/fiber cables, data centers, etc.) needed to move data across networks.

We understand there are many technology partners to choose from, and your number one priority is achieving the best quality at the best price. At ZeroDay Technology Solutions, we bring a large portfolio of successfully implemented nationwide projects and years of experience to the table. What sets us apart is our continued drive and passion to develop long term partnerships and trust with our customers. We own and deliver solutions from inception to completion.

Learn more about our Infrastructure services and hear from our customers here.

What is MiCiV?

MiCiV = Microsoft + Citrix + Virtualization

We leverage the power of your connected technologies to enhance the end-user experience. We are experts in solution implementation of Microsoft, Citrix, and Virtualization technologies. We act as solution architects to deliver core services on behalf of our trusted technology partners.

Learn more about our MiCiV services and hear from our customers here.

What is Managed Services?

From completely partnering as your Helpdesk to supporting your IT department, we provide a proactive approach to virtual IT services. We enable businesses to offload IT operational burdens to maintain comprehensive coverage of IT systems within a business. We offer an innovative, proactive approach to solve problems before they arise.

Learn more about our Managed Services capabilities and hear from our customers here.

What is the Culture Like?

ZeroDay has a world-class culture that focuses on our greatest asset – people. Our culture is made up of six pillars:

KeeleySafe – our world-class Safety Culture

#KeeleyCares – our Corporate Social Responsibility Program

KeeleyLife – our Health and Wellness Program

KeeleyU – our Professional Learning & Development Platform

KeeleyWay – our Strategic Growth Model

KeeleyOne – our Diversity and Inclusion Program

Learn more about each cultural pillar here.

What Are Your Hours of Operation?

Our hours of operation are Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm. You can give us a call at 314.684.4350 or email us at

Are You Hiring?

We are always looking for new talent at ZeroDay and across the Keeley Companies! You can check out our open positions here.

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