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For any business, the concept of connectivity matters — particularly when you have 17,000+ fans wanting to use their cell phones during a crowded hockey game to find their family and friends, or post a photo on social media. Before the ZeroDay team completed this project, the arena lacked adequate cellular and WiFi service to make that possible.


Without interfering with any performance schedule, the ZeroDay team worked around all events and completed the job on a tight timeline to have everything up and running in 60 days. This massive job consisted of 45,000 feet of copper connectivity, close to 12,000 feet of single-mode optic fiber, a new Cisco access layer, and a stand-alone Core Network for WiFi to handle high-capacity seating. The biggest challenge was installing cable without interfering with the facility’s IT teams while adding access points, including 29 APs in the scoreboard.


All in all, 264 access points were installed in order to ensure the network infrastructure could not only deliver top-notch service at capacity but provide additional coverage to allow fans to access the network without slowing the entire system down. By building the network layer-by-layer, and in quadrants, this assured there would never be a massive outage.


The outcome? A seamless WiFi network throughout the facility, including the center’s business offices. Most importantly, the ZeroDay team was able to deliver a core network that allows for a backup system to take its place if there ever was a network shortage.



A national hockey league team came to us for a new WiFi solution and infrastructure upgrade at their arena. They did not have WiFi for fans, and cell phones did not work well during events.



• Wireless site survey to design and build network infrastructure for high-capacity seating • Detailed FIT survey • Implementation and configuration of new access layer and core network



• Designed and deployed a high-density solution with over 260 access points • Designed and implemented a redundant fiber solution, new Cisco access layer and core network to handle the added load of 17,000+ fans


“To this day if someone called to ask where a network access point was, I’d remember. It’s about our dedication to our craft and putting our customers first.”


- Nick Knipe | Project Manager and Engineer

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