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Collaboration and connectivity are vital to the success of any company, especially when it comes to constructing and designing a brand-new corporate headquarters. A national food supplier came to ZeroDay with a challenge, and the team rose to the occasion and exceeded all expectations.


The customer has 100-150 employees in their Ohio office and knew that they needed an upgrade in order to continue and exceed the needs of their customers. With this in mind, along with a tight timeline, the ZeroDay team members knew exactly what needed to be done.


The outcome was a beautiful, state-of-the-art, town hall-style conference room large enough to hold 50 people. If necessary, the room has the capability to be split into two, smaller conference rooms. Whether in the big conference room, or one of the smaller ones, ZeroDay ensured that the use of video conferencing was seamless and intuitive with a one-button push to initiate WebEx meetings.


In addition to the town hall conference room, the ZeroDay team also designed and installed 13 displays around the headquarters. All of these displays had wireless connectivity, allowing anyone with a shared Wi-Fi connection could easily utilize their features in 16 separate rooms. Through this amazing partnership, ZeroDay was able to complete this project on-time, on budget, and far exceeded the expectations set by the customer. 


A national food supplier came to us for a new, collaborative Corporate Headquarters. They were late in thinking about AV and needed something tailored to their office in Ohio.


• Townhall-style conference room that was big enough to fit 50 people and could split into 2 separate, smaller rooms • Video conferencing capabilities • Installed 13 displays with wireless connectivity


• Combine/Divide room that would
be used for CEO town-halls and conferencing • Standardized and simplified control of A/V technology • Wireless shared collaboration in 16 separate rooms • One button to push WebEx Meetings


“...I wanted to personally thank all of you and your team's support, flexibility, and professionalism. As can be seen by this distribution list, there were a lot of teams having to interact and be dependent on one another. All of you did a great job of working together. I am very happy with the results that each of your teams delivered. I will also share that I have received praise from several high-level people here...with how flawlessly this move went. Thank you again for all your efforts!”

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