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As is the case for most enterprises, technology upgrades are consistently needed, but rarely does a company have the resources, time, and money to overhaul its entire infrastructure. Thinking about the necessary technology upgrades for its company, this customer faced this challenge. The ZeroDay team rose to the occasion and built a data center for the customer’s new gateway building to upgrade the company to meet today’s industry standards.


Our teams were able to create a fully-functional network design that integrated new technologies within an existing infrastructure. We added a second service provider into the WAM so its systems will not go down when key production is running. The teams also connected the infrastructure between an existing building and a newly-built facility to eliminate redundancies and create better communication flow.


Thanks to ZeroDay’s full-service touch and the implementation of Overlay Transport Virtualization technology, the customer was able to migrate its existing servers to the new data center location without having to reprogram any of the technology — saving time, money and resources.


Fostering relationships is at the heart of what the ZeroDay team focuses on, and this was evident during the entire project process. Not only was the project turned over on time and without any issues, but the ZeroDay team also helped the customer understand what products were needed to meet their needs, and ensured they fully understood the installation well enough to maintain the equipment after the project was completed.



A national tractor and heavy equipment manufacturer came to us to build the data center for its new Gateway building. We were also tasked with connecting the network infrastructure between an existing building and the new facility so production



Stood up a new data center and delivered a turnkey wired and wireless network, with new LAN technology • Added a second service provider into their WAM to avoid service production downtime • Upgraded existing network infrastructure and migrated existing servers data center.


Network upgrading installation consisted of 2 Cisco Nexus 9372 switches for core, UCS Fabric interconnect, including 3 chassis and 6 blades and 2 5508 WLCs • Installed 34 2960x switches, 2 5520 Wireless Lan Controllers, 40 2821 access points, 2 4431 MPLS routers, and 2 ASA 5525 firewalls with Sourcefire • Program Comcast 1 gig MPLS circuit installed between 3 sites


“ZeroDay Technology Solutions was the perfect choice for our network. They are a trusted and valued partner and we look forward to”

- Partner CEO

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