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A major healthcare provider needed their technology and Audio Visual solutions to keep up with their growing and noteworthy culture. Their goal was to deliver cross-functional collaboration to their employees in order to encourage different business units across different geographies and time zones to mingle within their state of the art spaces – ultimately bringing their teams closer together.


They challenged our team to use their global headquarters as the technology flagship building and create a collaboration solution scalable at all of their locations as they continue to expand internationally. The WWT and ZDTS team delivered just that – an elegant, streamlined system to ensure every employee within any space could have an immediate wireless connection, instantly plug into the AV capabilities, and have the same world-class, intuitive, and reliable collaboration experience. This collaboration system is a true embodiment of their culture and can now be mirrored at any of their locations globally.


The WWT + ZDTS team completed the entire scope of the project (state-of-the-art Cisco Collaboration Environment within 155 huddle and conference rooms, 18 flight boards, and 45 conference room schedulers) within 9-months, working closely and flexibly with construction crews. Our nimble and agile team met all major milestones with changing construction schedules and happily worked outside of typical business hours to ensure the project was completed on-time to the highest standards of quality.


Don’t take our word for it: “Best audio and video experience we’ve ever had. In fact, it’s the best everything we’ve ever had. The quality is breathtaking.” –Major Healthcare Provider


A major healthcare provider, focused on culture, envisioned a technology platform that embodied their collaborative spirit.  They wanted to encourage and entice their employees to fully utilize the next level workspaces and Audio Visual solutions offered at their global headquarters. Their goal was to use their new office as their technology flagship and standardize the AV system across all spaces. 


Our Solution Architects acted as trusted advisors during the design phase to ensure the cultural and technology goals were met. The global headquarters was designed to create the solid foundation for all future AV and collaboration spaces. This standardization was key to a unified and streamlined user experience. 


The headquarters was completed within 9-months under tight and everchanging construction timelines with the following deliverables: 

• State-of-the-art Cisco Collaboration Environment • One-button-to-push WebEx meetings • 155 standardized huddle and conference rooms • 18 flight boards (floor map with real-time room availability, meeting owner, and correct geography) •    45 conference room schedulers


“Best audio and video experience we’ve ever had. In fact, it’s the best everything we’ve ever had. The quality is breathtaking.” 

- Major Healthcare Provider

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