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Technology is supposed to make people’s lives easier, not more complicated. But for the corporate offices of one global brand of hotels, the AV and video conferencing systems were so complicated it discouraged people from using them. Enter ZeroDay.


By streamlining the video conferencing platforms to Cisco-centric unified AV systems, and by providing better customer integration, ZeroDay was able to deliver solutions that seamlessly translated between users across different rooms.


Sticking to ZeroDay’s customer-centric philosophy, the team navigated IT and AV group challenges and designed a solution that worked for both sides of the company. ZeroDay used its white-glove, full-service touch to go above and beyond the scope of the project and bridge gaps between departments.


From a technical perspective, the ZeroDay team handled pre-sale support, assisted in design efforts, and provided extensive AV support. Not only did ZeroDay deliver a streamlined product across a global environment, but it also conducted discovery sessions of the AV environment and helped the customer identify its top priorities in order to properly complete the project.


Handled presales and assisted in design efforts to ensure success and to streamline video conferencing experience across a global customer environment.


Conducted a discovery session to determine customer’s use cases of their AV environment. Identified their AV priorities and technologies needed


Deployed a Cisco-centric overall unified AV solution. Integrated a seamless and synchronized user experience in each user room


Thank you.You have made this so easy for us and the customer.

Chuck Brantley

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