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ZeroDay was approached by a global customer that was looking to merge two forests into one large, combined, and newly created forest. This project included the migration of all users’ computers and mailboxes from both legacy forests into the new greenfield forest.


The ZeroDay team of engineers played an Instrumental role in assisting their customers with this extremely large and complex migration. Alongside this large migration, ZeroDay also implemented a hybrid exchange environment and migrated all user mailboxes to Office 365 and all shared mailboxes to an on-premise exchange 2013 environment. The team also performed a large archive migration from on-premise Exchange Archives to Office 365 Online Archives for 4,000 users with legacy archives.


ZeroDay was able to support site migrations for the customer’s offices in every time zone as well as provide aftercare support for all global sites. By using Quest Migration Manager software to support this effort, ZDTS was able to keep all passwords, account attributes, and free/busy Information in-sync between all three environments throughout the entire duration of this project. This created a seamless and painless process for the end-users.



Merge two companies’ forests that were operating independently into one large combined and newly created forest



Complete planning, processing, design, and implementation of the migration. ZeroDay dedicated three full-time resources to the team to provide 24/7 support for IHSMarkit over the period of 1.5 years



The ZeroDay Team migrated 30,000 users, 10s of thousands of distribution groups, security groups, and shared mailboxes, 30,000 user mailboxes and over 4,000 archives, and 10,000 public folders


“ZeroDay engineers dedicated many nights, weekends, and off-hours to accommodate the global footprint of the customer. ZeroDay also increased its number of dedicated engineers working on the project to provide the best service for the customer.”

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