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Even technology companies need a little tech help every once and awhile. That was the case for a global portable camera producer, which needed to upgrade its AV and video conferencing systems both in the U.S. and France. The ZeroDay team was asked to take the customer’s system to the next level by providing an enterprise-level solution.


Not only was the ZeroDay team able to design a fast, reliable AV and video conferencing system, but it was also tasked with conducting site surveys and assessment work, educating the customer’s team, and assisting with handling presales and design efforts to streamline this experience across a global customer environment. This involved merging teams together to deliver a unified solution, conducting an internal audit of AV personnel, and overcoming logistical challenges.


Beyond the project’s scope — while providing 24-hour, real-time deployment support — ZeroDay also helped the customer develop a plan to simplify and standardize its systems to function better, regardless of location. ZeroDay also provided post-migration support. By switching its video and AV systems over to a Cisco-based platform, this created a scalable solution to support the customer’s growing infrastructure needs.


The ZeroDay team provided the customer with the necessary pre-staged and pre-programmed hardware solutions for international deployment. ZeroDay ensured the customer’s team members were equipped with a user-friendly video conferencing system that allowed them to conduct business without an AV team on site.


Assisted with handling presales and design efforts to ensure success and to streamline video conferencing experience across a global customer environment.


Brought teams together to develop unified solutions. The customer requested we conduct an internal audit of AV personnel based on expertise. Solved multiple logistical challenges presented by the customer


Pre-staged and pre-programmed hardware solutions for international deployment; provided 24-hour, real-time deployment support to accommodate global time zones. Global market challenges with communications and responsibility matrix.


The customer project manager was thrilled with the onsite adjustments made, and the fact that we worked around several trade crews onsite during the install to finish on their timeline. The customer was also thankful for our postmigration support where we helped with out-of-scope work in the hopes of further strengthening our relationship.

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